Receive the $5,000 consumption voucher and make payment in 100,000 AlipayHK’s eligible merchants

The Government $5,000 consumption voucher scheme is available now! AlipayHK users can complete the registration and receive consumption voucher with a total value of $5,000 which could make payment in more than 100,000 AlipayHK’s eligible merchants and get extra offers such as e-stamps.

How to use Consumption Voucher

*Press here if you forget the password.

Benefits of Choosing AlipayHK to Receive the $5,000 Consumption Voucher

Merchants Coverage

AlipayHK has now covered more than 100,000 retail outlets in Hong Kong including large chain shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, wet markets, restaurants and others. Through our partnership with OpenRice, over 1,000 restaurants have been covered in Hong Kong and you may consume with the $5,000 consumption voucher.

Some of the popular eligible merchants:
McDonald’s, KFC, TamJai Yunnan Mixian, TamJai Samgor, Café de Coral, Fairwood, PizzaHut, ParknShop, Wellcome, Watsons, Sasa, Circle K, 7-Eleven, Zara etc.

Large Amount of Spending

Once you top up with sufficient Balance to your account or link it to your credit card or bank account. You can make large amount of spending whether it’s on the latest gadgets and flagship phones of the year, or on the most luxurious and fashionable items with consumption voucher.

Some of the popular electrical appliances and fashion merchants:
Apple Store, Fortress, Broadway, Suning, Chow Tai Fook, Lukfook Jewellery, agnès b., CHANEL, Dior, GUCCI, CÉLINE, Tiffany & Co. etc.

Online Shopping

AlipayHK service covers many popular local online stores ranging from food, oil, salt, daily necessities, home appliances to local tour packages, shop them till you redeem with $5,000 consumption voucher!

Some of the popular eligible merchants: HKTV Mall, Dyson, big big shop, YOHO, Ztore, Sephora, KKday, Klook,, HT Mall and J Select etc.

Additional Offers

AlipayHK will launch Quick Reward Code, e-stamps reward, co-promotion with credit card monthly to enable users to shop smart and save money.

Special offers at designated merchants:
PARKnSHOP, Watsons, Sasa, Saint Honore Cake Shop, JHC, Citylife, $mart, Lao Feng Xiang Jewellery, Yoshinoya, Hoi Tin Tong, Nam Kee, Tamjai Yunnan Mixian, TamJai SamGor, OpenRice.


Enjoy multiple rewards upon receiving $5,000 consumption voucher by AlipayHK

Merchant Coupons

Get over 100 merchant coupons

Banks of Consumption Voucher Spending Reward

Enjoy over $3,000 spending rewards

Terms and conditions apply. Trade Promotion Competition License No: 54496.

Guidelines on Choosing AlipayHK to Receive the $5,000 Consumption Voucher Scheme Registration

• Eligible Hong Kong permanent resident and new arrival aged 18 or above1; and
• Successfully registered as AlipayHK users and downloaded the AlipayHK App

1Including persons entering Hong Kong with the “Permit for Proceeding to Hong Kong and Macau” (commonly called “One-way Permit”) and those as dependents of Hong Kong permanent residents.

Registration Method for $5,000 Consumption Voucher

1. Register and verify your identity from the central registration system set up by the Government2
2. Provide basic personal information, including HKID number and mobile number
3. Select AlipayHK and provide the specific identifier

2In addition to the central registration system, eligible persons may also register through paper forms and submit them with copies of their identification documents at designated locations.

Ways to collect the $5,000 consumption voucher and arrangement

The date of collection of consumption voucher will depend on the registration method and date, please refer to the following table for details:

Registration MethodElectronic RegistrationElectronic RegistrationWritten Registration
Registration Period4th July 2021 – 17th July 202118th July 2021 – 14th August 20214th July 2021 – 14th August 2021
Collection date of the first round of consumption voucher (Total $2,000)1st August 20211st September 20211st September 2021
Collection date of the second round of consumption voucher (Total $3,000)1st October 20211st November 20211st November 2021
Expiry date of consumption voucher31st December 202131st January 202231st January 2022

The consumption voucher will be credited directly to the registered account and users will receive a push notification. The vouchers will be valid immediately once the disbursement of consumption voucher begins by the Government. Users can also enable or disable the use of consumption voucher at the designated consumption voucher page, collect reward and check transaction record anytime.

Eligible Merchant Categories

The consumption voucher is applicable to a total of 100,000 local eligible merchants in AlipayHK, including physical and online outlets of local retail, food and beverage and service merchants, such as retail shops, wet market stalls, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, fast food shops, coffee shops, entertainment facilities, beauty salons, public transport, etc.

Consumption voucher is not applicable to below transaction categories:

Government fees and charges (e.g. taxes, fines, license fees, tunnel tolls, parking meters), utility charges (i.e. water, electricity, gas), public organization charges (e.g. Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society), education expenses (i.e. fees for primary and secondary schools offering local and non-local curricula, and University Grants Committee-funded universities), purchase of financial products or services (e.g. insurance), donations (including charitable, religious and political organizations), direct purchases from non-local merchants (including local purchases via non-local online platforms), person to person (P2P) payments and encashment.

Get well equipped for the use of $5,000 consumption voucher by knowing these 3 needless actions

  1. No need to queue up to collect in person  
    When the registration of consumption voucher scheme is open, users who register via AlipayHK do not need to visit to designated locations or physical stores to queue up for the collection of consumption voucher, nor do they need to remember the date and time for collection. Upon successful registration, users can collect and use the consumption voucher earlier than others in AlipayHK.
  2. No ID verification is required
    No ID verification is required when you select AlipayHK for receiving and using the consumption voucher. You only need a mobile phone number to register for AlipayHK account and consumption voucher scheme with a Specific Identifier, but the most comprehensive security is available for general account! When you lose your smartphone, you do need to worry about your consumption voucher has been stolen. The payment password and biometric authentication function are the first line of defense for account security. With the instant account freezing function, users are not liable for the losses from unauthorized transactions. In addition, you can login to your account through your friend’s or relative’s mobile phone, and then remotely login out your account of your original smartphone to further prevent fraudulent use of the consumption voucher and avoid unnecessary losses.
  3. No need to remember the remaining balance of consumption vouchers anymore
    In response to consumption voucher scheme, AlipayHK will have a specific page for users to check the information and status of consumption voucher in real time. There is no need to remember the remaining balance of consumption voucher anymore.  All relevant information or transaction details are available at a glance and can be viewed and processed in one app. From registration in the Government’s central registration system to automatic collection and use of consumption voucher, the entire process can be done in the smartphone.


  1. Where can I find the Specific Identifier in AlipayHK?
    The information will be available on AlipayHK’s Homepage or personal profile page.
  2. How do I know that I have successfully registered and received the consumption voucher?
    Upon verification of registrant’s information, an SMS notification from the Government will be sent to the registrant informing him/her of the registration result. In general, members of the public will receive SMS notification informing them of the registration result around one week after completing the electronic registration. Registrants who submit paper registration form will receive SMS notification around two weeks after submission. The consumption voucher will be credited into AlipayHK account of eligible persons at designated time. Push notifications will be sent at designated time. Please make sure you have enabled the relevant notification function by tapping on the directory bar at the top left corner of the AlipayHK Homepage, then tapping on “Notifications” and activating “Event Notifications”.
  3. There is no notification after receiving consumption voucher
    Please check if you have enabled “Push Notification” at AlipayHK and agree to receive notifications. If you have any enquiries, please call our customers service hotline.
  4. Can I change my AlipayHK account after registration?
    To minimize disputes and prevent fraudulent acts, registrants are not allowed to switch to another SVF account for receiving consumption vouchers after registration unless under exceptional circumstances (e.g. loss or invalidation of the original SVF account). Their receiving of consumption vouchers may also be delayed. Members of the public should think carefully about which SVF and account to be used for receiving consumption vouchers before registering for the Scheme.
  5. Can I register consumption voucher on behalf of someone else?
    Yes, but to minimize disputes and prevent fraudulent acts, the same AlipayHK account cannot be used by more than one registrant for registration for receiving consumption vouchers.
  6. How can I use or check the consumption voucher I have received?
    Users can start using the consumption voucher after received without any balance and connected credit card. Consumption voucher will be applied while the payment conditions are met. There will be a consumption voucher zone at AlipayHK, user can view relevant consumption voucher information including the redemption amount, expiry date, remaining amount and relevant transaction record.
  7. Can I choose to disable the use of the consumption voucher after receiving it?
    You can disable the use of the consumption voucher at consumption voucher page or payment page. If you enable the use of consumption voucher, it will be used automatically when the payment conditions are met.
  8. Consumption voucher cannot be used when making purchases at eligible merchants
    Please keep receipts and transaction records and then call our customers service hotline.


Customers service hotline: 852-2245 3201 (Mon-Sun: 9:00am – 6:00pm). Due to high traffic volume, you may experience a longer waiting time when calling our hotlines. It is suggested to have online enquiry or check with our FAQs.

How to Register or Use the Consumption Voucher

How to Register

Forget Password

Useful Link of the $5,000 Consumption Voucher

Official Government page of the $5,000 consumption voucher scheme