Starting from 1/11/2019, the credit card monthly transfer limit of “Transfer” and “Lucky Money” function without handling fee will be adjusted to HK$2,000. For enquiries, please call our customers service hotline at +852 2245 3201 (Mon-Sun: 9:00am – 6:00pm).


Let your smartphone be your wallet.

With AlipayHK you can enjoy faster, easier and safer payments – In stores or online, your mobile phone is the only wallet you need.

Smart Wallet: Android/Apple Payment App on Mobile - AlipayHK

Make AlipayHK your best mobile payment app. The smart wallet in the form of android/apple pay app is multi-functional and safe. In stores or online, AlipayHK is the only wallet that you need.

AlipayHK Mobile Payment App is an all-in-one Smart Wallet

The AlipayHK mobile payment app is the smart wallet payment app that you need as its safety features keeps your payment details secure. Android/Apple pay app users will find the AlipayHK mobile payment app easy to use.

Convenient Smart Wallet And Mobile Payment App

It seems as though the AlipayHK smart wallet and mobile payment app has it all! Users can log in and enter their banking details along with their credit card information and within minutes be ready to make online payments whether with Android pay or Apple pay.

AlipayHK has managed to partner with more than a thousand establishments where users of the mobile payment app can simply scan the shop’s QR codes and make cashless transactions with ease. A wide range of services and products can be availed by paying with the use of the smart wallet in hundreds of cities across the country since having begun promoting the service in 2008, all of 10 years ago.

The app offers payment services for just about any and every utility corporation you can think of! With the mobile payment app, you no longer have to wait in long lines in crowded offices just to pay for each one of your bills, even your children’s tuition fees! So, you don’t need to worry about taking time from your weekends just to pay for your utility bills for:



Cable, and


To top that off, the smart wallet also gives you the luxury of saving time and energy by allowing users to pay for any traffic fines that they have incurred. Talk about convenience!

One Mobile Payment App for All Your Needs

Services users can pay for digitally also include paying for their credit card bills and buying their tickets for the bus or the train. To add to that, AlipayHK app users can also take their time in managing their bank accounts because the smart wallet also serves as a way to store your details and documents in relation to digital identification.

Amazingly enough, the list goes on! Through the app, users can also connect their AlipayHK accounts to ride hailing and food delivery apps to make transactions easier. Users can even go as far as to delegating their insurance premium payments to the mobile payment app. Of course, the user’s smart wallet account can also be linked to popular Chinese online shopping websites.

Customized Mobile Payment App Experience

As if the smart wallet and mobile payment app couldn’t get any better, the company behind it has also managed to include customization features for both it’s Android pay app and Apple pay app users. The AlipayHK app allows its users to create a list of services from selected partner companies. This feature is available for users with more advanced and more specific transactional needs. This enables users with more simple needs to see only the services that they really use. This allows for a pleasant experience for both simple and advanced users of the smart wallet app.

Credit Card Management Perks

Through the AlipayHK app, users are guaranteed to find it easy to manage their finances when it comes to their credit card accounts. The company behind the mobile payment app has partnered with the appropriate institutions to provide their users with credit card repayment services. Almost 40 bank-issued credit cards are supported by the smart wallet app.

As of current, the payment app has surpassed the internationally famous payment service called PayPal. This was achieved because of the availability of services that the mobile payment app offers to their credit card users with most of their services free of charge.

Simpler payments everywhere

No cash, no cards and no hassle. AlipayHK brings you a new and convenient payment method, online as well as in stores and restaurants. Download Now!

* To download our official apk application, please click here.

Smooth online spending

AlipayHK relentlessly works to perfect your shopping online experiences across all industries, and new merchants sign up by the day. When shopping online on Taobao and Tmall you can also enjoy a zero service charge when paying with your AlipayHK account.

Solutions for every situation

AlipayHK offers a variety of payment options, from credit card, cash top up to friend to friend transfers and via your bank account. No matter your personal preference or the type of purchase you are doing, we will have a solution that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.

Safe and Secure

AlipayHK provides a safer alternative to many other payment methods. Every transaction is protected by encrypted certification, your funds and payments are safe and secure and you don’t need to worry about losing cash or cards.


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