Go Beyond Borders with AlipayHK

With AlipayHK you can enjoy faster, easier and safer payments, in-stores or online, AlipayHK is the only wallet you need.

Go Beyond Borders with AlipayHK

With AlipayHK you can enjoy faster, easier and safer payments, in-stores or online, AlipayHK is the only wallet you need.

AlipayHK introduces a new rewards program – A. Point!

Whether you’re shopping online or offline in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, or Macao, every transaction instantly earns you triple points. A. Point can be used immediately as cash and can also be redeemed or used to purchase various vouchers and offers.

Travel with AlipayHK

AlipayHK has now launched cross-border payment services in popular travel destinations for Hong Kong people, including the Chinese mainland, Japan, Singapore, etc. With the cooperation of merchants, a series of travel benefits have been launched, allowing users to experience smooth payment experiences before, during and after their trips, while enjoying consumer rewards!

Collect the consumption vouchers under 2023 Consumption Voucher Scheme through AlipayHK

With AlipayHK App, you can enjoy spending the consumption voucher at over 100,000 physical and online outlets of local retail, catering, service merchants and collect discount coupons from the newly launched “Brand Channels” function in AlipayHK App. Receive the consumption voucher through AlipayHK to enjoy convenient payment and exciting rewards anytime, anywhere!

AlipayHK – Shop + Ride, All in One App!

AlipayHK is the first mobile wallet that introduces QR code payment services for transport fares in Hong Kong. It is also the first mobile wallet that makes QR code payment available across MTR (heavy rail network). With “EasyGo”, the QR code developed by AlipayHK for Hong Kong public transport, AlipayHK users can easily hop between Hong Kong’s major public transport with just one app. Moreover, by activating AlipayHK’s “Cross-border Transport Code”, users can even pay for public transportation fares in the Chinese mainland, such as the Shenzhen Metro.

What’s more? With AlipayHK’s extensive online and offline payment network, AlipayHK users can enjoy the Shop + Ride convenience with just one app.

AlipayHK, in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank to launch the Q Credit Card

Q Credit Card aims to offer new consumption experience to users with a fast, qualified and rewarding spending experience. 1 App + 1 Card is now your ideal partner for spending.

Remit money with ease

Freeing you from queuing up to settle complicated remittance procedures. With several simple steps, you could send money to abroad with preferential exchange rates at home! Remittance service is now available in Mainland China and the Philippines. Service will be expanded to more countries and regions. Please stay tuned!

One-stop bill payment platform, settle bills in a few taps

Covering a wide range of payment categories and users could enjoy hassle-free living by settling water, electricity, gas and government bills anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy online shopping therapy at home

Online shopping is very common nowadays. AlipayHK covers a wide variety of popular online merchants and platforms, enabling users just sit back, shop and enjoy at home. With AlipayHK, you can collect e-stamp(s), enjoy spending offers and earn credit card points when you make purchases online!