Faster P2P Payments System on Online Payment Gateway - AlipayHK

AlipayHK creates an online payment gateway widely used in both stores and online. A faster payment system supports P2P payments, payment on Taobao and Tmall and others with electronic wallets

Use AlipayHK Online Payment Gateway for Faster Payments

AlipayHK has come up with an online payment gateway that provides users with a more efficient and much faster payment system for all your P2P payments and online transactions. Link your accounts to shopping sites easily.

Make P2P Payments to Friends with Ease

Aside from its offerings on services like making payments for all the utility services you avail of, and credit card accounts management, the AlipayHK app also enables its users to make person-to-person payments, or more commonly known as P2P payments. With this feature, users can enter their online banking information and link their savings accounts to the app. Then, they can also enter the online banking information of the person or merchant that they want to send money or make payments to.

Ease of Navigation through Mobile Payment App

Navigating though the online payment gateway users will see two main tabs. These two tabs are labeled as follows:

Merchants, and


This makes the experience of making online payment transactions very fast and easy. This is thanks to the faster payment system that AlipayHK promises its millions of users. These tabs serve the primary function of categorization.

By tapping on the Friends tab, you will be able to see the services that are useful in making personal money transfers. Through there you can make P2P payments to your friends who have up and coming online shops or, send money to relatives in need. This feature allows users to save their time and use it for more important things by enabling them to send money in seconds rather than waiting in line at banks or remittance centers.

Convenient Way to Pay Service Providers

If you don’t really make P2P or personal payments and you’re more of a patron of big companies and well-known service providers, then the Merchants tab is where you will find everything you need for a faster payment system. Going through the Merchants tab you will come across services linked to popular companies and even local establishments that offer products and services from which you can choose, making AlipayHK a true online payment gateway.

The Merchants tab also provides its users with useful and timely suggestions regarding places they can go to, and experiences they can explore based on their current location. These suggested locations, merchants, and establishments are, of course, all partnered with AlipayHK to ensure that the users are able to experience only the best cashless online transactions.

An Online Payment Gateway At the Tip of Your Fingers

With the AlipayHK app and its now much faster payment system, users can gain access to the privileges offered by the makers of the online payment gateway app. The company is currently offering its online, digital payment services across more than a hundred thousand restaurants and food places in Hong Kong.

Large supermarket chains also enable their customers to pay with their AlipayHK apps, making sure that users always conclude their shopping experiences with convenience. Users will also be glad to know that the app can be used to make payments almost four hundred cities in the country of China.

Added Convenience for Smart Wallet App Users

To make things even more convenient for their users, AlipayHK now enables users to purchase transportation cards in countries such as Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. The online payment gateway app is also honored in almost 50 cities outside of China.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the company behind AlipayHK really put transactional convenience at the heart of their app. They even offer their users the ability to file their tax refunds.

About AlipayHK

The electronic wallet is operated by Alipay Financial Services (HK) Limited and supervised by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited (APSHK) is a joint venture established and managed by the CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, a multinational conglomerate spanning over 50 countries and Ant Financial Services Group, a leading global technology and financial services company and parent company of “Alipay”.

Currently, over 50,000 local retail outlets have supported electronic wallet for payment, covering large chain stores, convenient stores, drugstores, supermarkets, minibuses, fresh markets, taxies, restaurants and others. Features of electronic wallet include payment on Cross-border payment, P2P transfer, Lucky Money, blockchain remittance, electricity payment, telecom payment, Taobao and TMall, entry tickets and F&B vouchers for The Racecourse, purchase of insurance products offered by third party, e-coupons, etc, making Hong Kong residents’ lives more convenient by integrating mobile payment into daily lives.