Discover intelligent cross-border travel experience

Before travelling, it is not necessary for you to exchange amount of cash and compare exchange rates. You can simply link your Hong Kong credit card to AlipayHK account or complete the ID verification to make payment at designated merchants.

Popular shopping attractions in Japan includes Daimaru Fukuoka, Osaka Aquarium, Kuromon Market, Fukuoka Airport, Ginza Karen and shopping zones in Tokyo and Osaka etc.

You can settle the payment in more than over one million retail outlets and restaurants, purchase tourist attraction ticket and cross-border transport ticket via cross-border service.

Cross-border mini-app - Alipay Connect

Alipay Connect is a cross-border information service platform in AlipayHK, which integrates travel and cross-border service to provide users with online services such as cross-border transportation, travel insurance and more in mainland China or other countries in future as well as local spending rewards.

Users could enable Alipay Connect in “Applications” and add it as homepage shortcuts for easy usage.

Enjoy the latest and preferential exchange rates

System will update the foreign exchange rate in real time. Users can settle the cross-border payment with preferential exchange rate via AlipayHK. All transactions are settled in Hong Kong dollars. It is not necessary to exchange foreign currencies beforehand and there is no currency exchange handling fee.

Get real-time currency exchange rate in “Currency” in Alipay Connect.

Scan Quick Reward Code in popular merchants

In order to provide more offers to users during the journey, AlipayHK has extended Quick Reward Code and more discounts to all cities in mainland and designated merchants in Japan. Users could scan Quick Reward Code in designated merchants via AlipayHK to get offers when travelling.