Travel with AlipayHK

AlipayHK has now launched cross-border payment services in popular travel destinations for Hong Kong people, including the Chinese mainland, Japan, Singapore, etc. With the cooperation of merchants, a series of travel benefits have been launched, allowing users to experience smooth payment experiences before, during and after their trips, while enjoying consumer rewards!

Get Moving with Quick and Reliable Rides

On the homepage, click on “Explore more+” in “Applications”, then select “Transportation” and choose “Global Ride-hailing” mini app to easily request a car anytime, whether you are in the Chinese mainland, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, or other locations. Whether you need transportation to and from the airport, hotels, or tourist attractions, you can enjoy comfortable and convenient transportation services.

Intelligent Cross-border Travel Experience with Scan-to-Pay

No need to exchange a large amount of cash or compare exchange rates in advance. Simply link your Hong Kong credit card/bank account to AlipayHK or complete identity verification to use the account balance, then you can use AlipayHK to make purchases and consume in all cities in the Chinese mainland, nearly 90% of merchants in Macau, over one million offline stores in Japan, over 120,000 stores in South Korea, and some stores in Singapore, with settlement made in HKD. The payment process is the same as in Hong Kong.

Practical tips for traveling to the Chinese mainland

By using AlipayHK’s “Customs Pocket Declaration”, you can complete health declarations in advance and go through customs faster and more conveniently.

Easily hop between major transport in the Chinese mainland

By activating AlipayHK’s “Cross-border Transport Code”, you can pay for public transportation fares in the Chinese mainland, which currently covers cities such as Shenzhen (Shenzhen Metro, bus), Guangzhou (Yangchengtong), Foshan (Guangfo Tong), Zhongshan (Zhongshan Tong), and more.

Get cross-border discounts for dining, shopping, and entertainment – Alipay+ Rewards

Through the Alipay+ Rewards mini-app within the AlipayHK App, users can access cross-border travel information such as transportation and hotels in the Chinese mainland or other countries and regions, plan their itinerary in advance, and redeem local consumer rewards.
Users can find Alipay+ Rewards in “Application” and set a home page shortcut for easy use in the future.