A. Point: Instant Earn, Instant Burn!

Instant Earn:
No matter if you’re shopping online or offline in the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, or Macao, every transaction instantly earns you triple points.

1st Tier: AlipayHK Points

2nd Tier: Credit card points or cashback

3rd Tier: Points from partner merchants and mall memberships

You earn 1 A. Point for every HKD 1 spent. By using designated credit cards such as Bank of China Taobao Credit Card, Hang Seng Credit Card, or Standard Chartered Q Credit Card with AlipayHK, you not only enjoy fee exemptions but also earn credit card points and cashback simultaneously. Additionally, when making payments at designated malls or merchants, you can accumulate their membership points. 

With each transaction, you earn triple points, maximizing the value of your spending!

To earn extra A. Point, you can also participate in limited-time missions, allowing you to easily accumulate more points.

Instant Burn:
You can instantly use A. Point as deductions during purchases or redeem them for various coupons, including retail, dining, digital entertainment, cross-border travel, and other benefits.

Coupons and benefits may be updated periodically. Stay tuned for the updates in the AlipayHK App.