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  • I want to find out about Credit Card Management
  • Cancel Redemption
    Sorry. Once the redemption is completed, it can't be cancelled.
  • Redemption credited to the account
    Once the redemption is completed, if the page displays "Redemption Successful", the relevant redemption will be credited to the account within 5 minutes; if it displays "Processing", the redemption will be credited within 2 hours.
  • Restrictions
    Here are the following restrictions: 1. Each account can only authorize one credit card for redemption. If you need to choose another credit card, please unlink the original credit card first; 2. Redeem at least HKD 100 gift certificate each time; and 3. Redeem up to a total of HKD 1,000 per day; and 4. Redeem up to 10 coupons of the same type each time.
  • How to redeem credit card points
    Tap the menu button at the top left corner of the homepage, tap "Credit card points", and follow the instructions on the page to link your credit card or redeem points.
  • Steps to unbind MoneyBack
    Unfortunately, once a MoneyBack account has been bound, the system does not allow for a further change or the unbinding of MoneyBack account at the moment. We are working hard to improve on this. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause and thank you for understanding.
  • Pay and collect MoneyBack points
    Go to the application centre in the middle of the homepage before payment and tap "more", find "MoneyBack" (Shortcut recommendation: Tap "Homepage Apps", tap"edit", drag "MoneyBack" to the home application), show the QR code for collecting points, and proceed to make a payment.
  • Can I link all kinds of credit cards?
    Visa and MasterCards (no issue region restrictions) are supported at the meanwhile. Bank of China credit cards are only limited to those issued in Hong Kong region. Supplementary cards or prepaids card are not supported.
  • Bind multiple MoneyBack accounts
    Currently, an AlipayHK account can only bind with one MoneyBack card account and vice versa. The system is unable to edit an existing binding once it is processed, so please do take note in the process.
  • Steps to a MoneyBack card
    Go to the application centre in the middle of the homepage before payment and tap "more", find "MoneyBack", tap "Link with MoneyBack", and then follow the instructions to register.
  • Add Credit Card or Bank Card
    There are two methods: 1. Tap the menu button at the top left corner on the mainpage, then tap "Credit Card", and select "Add" at the top right corner and follow instructions as prompted; 2. Choose to keep card record for future usage after paying with a card in the app
  • Card limit
    Each account can link up to 25 credit cards or bank cards, and each account can link up to 5 credit cards.
  • Credit cards transaction fee
    1. No charge for consumption payment or bill payment. 2. Transfers and lucky money are subject to the verification level: monthly free limit for unverified accounts is HKD 500; intermediate verified account is HKD 1,000; advanced verified account is HKD 2,000. When the free limit is exceeded, the BOC credit card transaction fee will be 1.5% and other credit cards will be 3%. 3. Taobao shopping: BOC credit card handling fee is 1.5%; other credit cards are 2.5%; the balance payment is free of charge.
  • Delete linked card
    To delete a linked credit card, tap the menu button at top left corner on mainpage, select "Credit Card", elect card from the list - tap "Unlink" at the bottom to delete linked card.