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  • Refunds for products purchased on Taobao via password-free purchase
    If you need to return the ordered product, you can refund it according to Taobao's designated terms and conditions or check with the relevant merchants.
  • Password-free payment function on Taobao and how to restore the setting that requires password input
    In response to the increasing demand of users for online consumption, a convenient and fast password-free payment function is provided for low-risk designated Taobao shopping transactions, which aims to provide users with a better quality consumer experience. If the user needs to restore the system settings, they can go to the Taobao app to make the setting changes: 1. Tap on the settings button in the upper right corner of "我的淘寶"; 2. Tap "賬戶與安全"; 3. Select "國際支付管理"; 4. As you need to enter the payment process via Alipay CN, please select "支付寶中國(內地版)" under "支付方式設置". After the setup is complete, all transactions on Taobao via AlipayHK require a payment password.
  • Refund period
    The refund period depends on the payment method of the transaction: 1. Balance payment: Normally it will returnto the account balance within 7 working days. 2. Credit card payment: Normally it will return to the credit card within 7 working days, the specific time is subject to the bank account time. 3. PPS payment: Normally it will return to the bank account which linked to PPS payment within 1-3 working days.
  • How to refund after purchasing at Taobao
    The refund process depends on your order status: 1. "等待買家付款": Please communicate with the seller to "取消訂單" ; or ask the seller to close the transaction; or wait for the system to automatically close the transaction after the timeout. 2. "買家已付款": Please negotiate with the seller and log in to "我的淘寶"-"已買到的寶貝" to find the order, and click "退款/退貨"-"僅退款". If the seller has not been contacted or the seller has not processed the refund, the system will automatically refund the refund after 48 hours. 3. "賣家已發貨": If you will get a partial / full refund after communicating with the seller, please log in to "我的淘寶"-"已買到的寶貝" to find the order and click "退款/退貨", and choose the type of service and reason for the refund. 4. "交易成功": Please log in to "我的淘寶"-"已買到的寶貝" within 15 days of receipt confirmation of the transaction to find the order, and click "申請售後". 5. "交易關閉": This status cannot be applied for a refund (the transaction may be closed because the seller or the system has closed the transaction before the buyer has not paid; or the buyer has successfully applied for a refund and the relevant amount has been returned). Reminders: • If you cannot apply for a refund after a certain period, please contact the seller first; if you failed to come up with an agreement, please contact Taobao's customer service and provide a valid certificate. • If the order status does not change after completing the payment, please confirm whether the selected payment method has been successfully charged (e.g. balance / credit card). For further assistance, please call customer service hotline: 852-2245 3201, service time: Monday Until Sunday, 9:00 am-9:00 pm. • If the seller refuses to refund, please click "要求淘寶客服介入".
  • Minimum transaction amounts
    The minimum amount per transaction is RMB 1 (for HKD equivalent, please refer to payment page).
  • Mixed-methods payment
    When purchasing at Taobao, AlipayHK balance account can be used for checkout alongside Tmall points, lucky money and Tmall coupons. Mobiles can also be used in combination with Alipay gift cards. Unfortunately, international credit cards, Alipay (China) balance, PPS etc are not available for mixed method payments.
  • Exchange rate calculations
    The price shown at checkout page is based on the day's currency exchange rate. We make sure to align exchange rates to the banks daily. You can also find the rate you're paying for at the "International Exchange Rate" page.
  • Supported products
    At the moment, AlipayHK can be used to purchase from Tmall, Taobao and Xianyu (via balance only). AlipayHK also supports purchases by instalments for pre-sale products, physical and virtual products. However, transactions involving Tmall international is not supported.
  • Steps to payment
    In Taobao app's homepage, select "AlipayHK" to log into your AlipayHK account. At checkout, select AlipayHK as payment method and enter payment password to proceed with payment.