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  • I want to find out about Top up and withdrawal
  • Limitations on withdrawal from AlipayHK balance
    To withdraw from the Balance Account, check that you're of Intermediate ID Verification. You can make a maximum of 10 withdrawals in a day. For each withdrawal, there are no amount limits, nor any transaction fee.
  • Processing time of withdrawal from AlipayHK balance
    The withdrawn funds will be transferred to your bank account within 4 working days following the withdrawal application.
  • Linking a new bank card
    To withdraw from your Balance account, at homepage, go to 【Account】- 【Balance】-【Withdrawal】, and follow the instructions as prompt. During the process you will be able to add a bank account as destination of the withdrawal. You can link up to 5 bank cards for withdrawal on AlipayHK. Currently, AlipayHK Balance account can be withdrawn to the following banks: HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank (Hong Kong), Bank of East Asia, ICBC (Asia) and Dah Sing Bank. To delete a linked bank card, at homepage, go to【Account】 - 【Credit card】. Then select 【Edit】 at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to remove the credit card from the account.
  • Transaction fee for withdrawal from AlipayHK Balance account
    Currently, there is no transaction fee for using AlipayHK Balance account to make payment
  • Withdrawal of Balance
    To withdraw from your Balance account, at homepage, go to 【Account】- 【Balance】-【Withdrawal】, and follow the instructions as prompt.
  • Transaction fee for topping up AlipayHK balance
    Currently, there is no transaction fee for using AlipayHK balance to make payment. We will inform you in advance if this would change.
  • Processing time for Balance account top-ups
    The top-up processing time for Blanace account varies depending on you selected method. Top-ups at local stores (7-11/Circle-K/Watsons/Fortress/Mcdonald's)and Coin-cart are instantaneous. Standard Chartered online banking requires around 15 minutes to process the top-up. In the event of a top-up not being processed in the stipulated time, there could be potential delays. For added security, we recommend double confirming with the recipient within the day.
  • Balance account top-up limit
    The minimum top-up limits vary dependig on the selected method. Top up via local store (7-11/Circle-K/Watsons/Fortress/McDonald's): The minimum amount is HK$100, in multiples of HK$50 per top-up Top up via Standard Chartered Online Banking: The minimum amount is HK$0.01, in multiples of HK$0.01 per top-up Top up via Coin-cart: The minimum amount is HK$1, in multiples of HK$1 per top-up As for the maximum top up limits, it depends on your ID verification level: For unverified accounts, the maximum top-up limits are HK$3,000 daily and HK$25,000 annually. For Intermediate accounts, the maximum top-up limits are HK$5000 daily and HK$100,000 annually. For Advanced accounts, the maximum top-up limits are HK$5000 daily, with no limits for bank transfer top-up, nor annual limits.
  • Balance account top-up
    Currently, there are three ways to top up an AlipayHK Balance account: 1. Top up at local stores Visit any 7-11, Circle-K, Watsons, Fortress or McDonald's stores in Hong Kong and present your top-up barcode to the cashier 2. Top up using Standard Chartered Online Banking If you have a Standard Chartered Bank account, log into your AlipayHK Wallet, select 【Top Up】 - 【Top Up via Online Banking】 to receive an AlipayHK account top-up code. You may then log into your Standard Chartered Online Banking account and set up your AlipayHK Top-Up Account to top up via bank transfers in the future. 3. Top up at Coin Carts Visit any Coin Carts and present your top-up QR code on your AlipayHK App to the cashier. You may top up your account with any amounts (minimum HK$1). For Coin Carts service locations, please visit here. (链接: Top Up Now