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AlipayHK Remittance service supports users to send remittance to the Philippines at a preferential exchange rate and receive money instantly through GCash!

Transferring money to the Philippines using AlipayHK Remittance

Remittance has, and will always be a very important thing, especially for those who work away from home. By sending money home, you show your love and are able to support the people you love or do business with despite the geographical distance between you. For those in the Philippines, AlipayHK remittance is the easiest and the best way to send remittance. Here you can access a preferential exchange rate to send and receive money in an instant via GCash.

This electronic wallet is offered by Alipay Financial services HK, a company that is supervised by the Hong Kong monetary authority. This company makes use of the best global technology to offer financial services in different parts of the world. There are so many local outlets that support electronic wallets and the payments can be used in different areas. These include restaurants, fresh markets, minibuses, supermarkets, drugstores, convenient stores, and large chain stores among many others. The other feature of this kind of wallet covers payments across borders, e-coupons, insurance products purchase, tickets, and vouchers, TMall, telecom payment, electricity payment, blockchain remittance, P2P transfer and so on. This means there are many areas that are supported which adds to the convenience of the remittance method. By including mobile money in our everyday lives, things become so much easier to do.

With AlipayHK remittance, people in the Philippines are able to:

1.Pay all their bills with just a couple of taps. This is the most convenient platform that you can use to settle those bills fast

2.You can also send payments to the Philippines. The money is received through cash, which can be accessed by the recipient in an instant.

3.If you need to make online payments like on e-commerce sites or any other kind of online spending, you can use these services in a simple and secure way. There are many modes of payments supported. You can make transfers to credit cards, to friends, and even to your bank account as required.

4.Alipay is a secure mode of money remittance. It is a safe alternative compared to some of the other available options. Transactions are protected through encrypted certification. The payments and funds are safe, so you do not have to worry about losing your cards or cash for any reason at all.

Remittance processing usually depends on the kind of remittance method that you pick. The remittance methods available include cash withdrawals and when done within the working hours, the cash is ready after about 15 minutes of the remittance was successful. There is also the option of transferring to the bank. In such an instance, the processing times differ and they depend on the banks that you select. It could take up to one or two business days. It may also help to check with the recipient bank for more information about this. People within the Philippines can receive remittance through GCash. In this case, the remittance becomes available in an instant. Gcash is the most convenient method because it is available every day of the week 24 hours a day. If you happen to give incorrect information, remittance fails in an instant and the refund time also depends on the method used to remit it in the first place. Cash withdrawals take around 14 days. For incorrect information during a back remittance, AlipayHK remittance makes the refund in a week’s time.

After remittance is successful, one receives a transaction code included in the remittance receipt. You can then present the code to the right outlets to receive cash. A bank deposit needs the payee to make verification with the bank to find out whether the remittance has been completed. As for GCash, the remittance is reflected in the account immediately after it goes through.

How can we help you?

  • I want to find out about Remittance
  • Transfer purpose and the source of funding
    As per Hong Kong AML and CTF regulations, we are required to inquire about the nature of each transfer.
  • Reasons of Remittance Failure
    The rejection of a remittance application could be due to: 1. An error in the information provided; 2. Lack of cash withdrawal within 10 days after selecting Cash Withdrawal as your remittance method; 3. The receiver's GCash wallet is not verified; 4. Account security. Remittances involving below reasons will be refunded in full, and no handling fee will be charged, and the refund time must be based on the method of receiving the remittance: 1. If the remittance information provided is incorrect, the relevant payment will be returned after 10 days; if you choose to use "cash withdrawal" as the method of receiving the remittance, it will take an extra 7 days to return 2. If the bank information provided is incorrect, the payment will be returned in one week
  • Processing time
    The remittance processing time varies depending on the chosen remittance method: 1. Cash withdrawal: If the remittance was made between 9:00am- 6:00pm (GMT +8), the cash should be ready for pick up after 15 minutes of successful remittance 2. Bank Deposit: The processing time may vary depending on selected banks, please allow 1-2 business days before checking 3. GCash: The remittance should be available instantly. GCash service is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week If the information provided is incorrect, the remittance will fail, and the refund time must be based on how the remittance was received: 1. If the remittance information provided is incorrect, the relevant payment will be returned after 10 days; if you choose to use "cash withdrawal" as the method of receiving the remittance, it will take an extra 7 days to return 2. If the bank information provided is incorrect, the payment will be returned in one week
  • Ways to collect remittance
    There are three methods of receiving remittance: 1. Cash withdrawal: Upon successful remittance, there will be a transaction code on the remittance receipt. Simply present the transaction code at any Cebuana or Palawan outlets to collect in cash. (15 mins to the account) 2. Bank deposit: The payee will need to verify with the relevant bank on if the remittance was processed. (1 working day to the account) 3. GCash: The remittance will appear in the relevant GCash account. (immediate to the account)
  • Amount limitations
    The verification level should be of Intermediate or Advanced level. • For Intermediate accounts, the maximum remittance limits are HKD 5,000 daily and HKD 60,000 annually (limit inclusive of other transactions) • For Advanced accounts, the maximum remittance limits are HKD 5,000 daily and HKD 100,000 annually (limit inclusive of other transactions) • Remittance, in-store payments and online payments shall be included in and counted towards the same limit • The minimum remittance amount is HKD 100 per transaction
  • Remittance Method
    1. According to regulatory requirements, intermediate or advanced account verification must be completed before any remittance transactions. 2. Click "More"-"Remittance" in the application centre in the middle of the homepage. (Recommendation: "Homepage Apps"-"Edit"-drag "Remittance" to the homepage application) 3. The remittance function can only be used if users use his balance as funding channel. Please ensure that the account has sufficient balance first. 4. On the remittance page, tap "New Remittance"- select the remittance destination - select the recipient's payment method - enter the amount - enter the beneficiary information - complete the transaction after confirmation.
  • Transaction fee
    1. No commission for the first monthly remittance. 2. Subsequent remittances will be charged a HKD 15 transaction fee.
  • Exchange rate
    International exchange rates are provided in real time by partner institutions EMQ.
  • Supported countries & currencies
    We currently support international remittance to the Philippines in the Peso currency. We are working hard to expand the service to more countries and regions. Please stay tuned!
  • Remittance payment method
    The remittance function can only be performed through balance transactions. Please ensure that your account has sufficient balance.