AlipayHK account balance can be topped up by the following methods:

1. Top up with cash

  1. Visit any 7-11, Circle-K, Watsons, Fortress, McDonald’s and ParkNShop stores (ParkNShop supermarket, fusion, TASTE, international, food le parc, GOURMET, great, SU-PA-DE-PA).
  2. Tap “Top up” at the homepage, then tap “Top up”
  3. Tap “Top up with cash”
  4. Present your top-up barcode to the cashier to top up

2. Top up via bank account

  1. Tap “Top Up” at the homepage – “Bank Account”
  2. Follow the instruction on the page to top up from bank account

3. Top up via online banking

  1. Tap “Top Up” on homepage – “Top up” – “Top up via online banking transfer”
  2. Follow the instruction on page

4. Top up at Coin Carts

  1. Tap “Top up” at the homepage – “Top up with coins”
  2. Present your top up QR code to the cashier
  3. Scan the code to complete the top- up with cash
  4. For Coin Carts operating hours and service locations, please visit: