AlipayHK ‘’A.Style” connects technology with daily life with “Live-for-the-moment” Attitude


New merchant partner for bill payment, living expenses can be managed in a single tap

“Pay Bill • Pay Care” to donate up to HK$1 million

(August 20, 2019 – Hong Kong) AlipayHK is devoted to connecting technology with daily life. By changing small things in daily life with ‘’A.Style”, AlipayHK encourages users to contribute the community and protect the environment as well as embracing every treasure moment. AlipayHK is the only e-wallet service in Hong Kong that enables people to pay electric and gas bills. Users can even enjoy more seamless experience and manage their living expenses in a single tap. AlipayHK is delighted to launch the charity donation campaign “Pay Bill • Pay Care: $1 Million Donation to Charities” for the first time. E-payments will be converted into charity donations for our community gathering the love and devotion from Hong Kong’s citizens in a “single tap”.


Manage Living Expenses in a “Single Tap” with over 100 Housing Estates with AlipayHK

It is common that people work a lot and have less “Me time” in Hong Kong and hence wellness activities including yoga and fitness classes during lunch hour have become increasingly popular. People are finding their own ways to enjoy a relaxing moment in their busy schedule. AlipayHK is devoted to connecting technology with daily life which enables the public to enjoy their life with “Live-for-the-moment” Attitude.


AlipayHK creates more possibilities with “Live-for-the-moment” Attitude with a “single tap”. AlipayHK bill payment service does not only cover the electric and gas bills in Hong Kong, but also cover mobile, broadband and property management fees. Today, there are 92 new properties under the Savills and Guardian Group joined in AlipayHK property management service and residents from over 100 housing estates can pay property management fees via AlipayHK now. All payment can simply be settled by a “single tap”.


Ms. Jennifer Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited, said “AlipayHK strives to become the most preferable e-wallet for consumers. By connecting technology with daily life and changing small things in life, we hope to build our original ‘A.Style’ as a new lifestyle for everyone to embrace and celebrate. We are proud to collaborate with more merchant partners for bill payments and hope to achieve the goal in easing and solving everything with a ‘single tap’.”


Donate up to HK$1 Million with “Pay Bill • Pay Care” Charity Donation Campaign

AlipayHK is determined in contributing to public welfare and launched a new function for charitable donations to the app with over 30 organizations support across different fields, allowing users to show care any time and any place. This year, AlipayHK collaborated with Watsons Water to launch the “Go Green” campaign to encourage the public to participate in environmental protection by using less plastic. AlipayHK is delighted to launch a charity campaign “Pay Bill • Pay Care: $1 Million Donation to Charities” to gather love and devotion from Hong Kong people as well as create a new way to show care to our community.


Mechanism of AlipayHK charity campaign “Pay Bill • Pay Care: $1 Million Donation to Charities”:

  • Step 1: From now until 19th October, users can receive the “Love Token” by paying bills to the designated merchants via “Bill Payment” of AlipayHK
  • Step 2: “Love Token” can be freely transferred to one of the charity categories
  • Step 3: AlipayHK will donate to designated beneficiary organizations based on the total number of “Love Token” after the campaign.