Housing Society and AlipayHK Collaborate to Launch E-wallet for Rental and Management Fee Payment


as over half of Hong Kong’s Filipinos use this service each month

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) and AlipayHK jointly announced today (29 November) that more than 30,000 HKHS’s residential and commercial tenants, as well as flat owners of designated properties, will be able to enjoy fast and convenient bill payment on AlipayHK app starting 1 December 2022.  This new feature will apply to rental and management fee payment at 51 properties under HKHS’s management, including 20 rental estates, commercial properties and designated managed premises.  AlipayHK will thus become the first electronic wallet (e-wallet) in the city for rental estate’s rent payment on the go, enhancing e-payment service for the public.

Venetia Lee, General Manager of Ant Group Greater China International Business said, “The Housing Society’s innovative idea of offering digital rental payment for its tenants’ convenience matches AlipayHK’s philosophy of improving life quality with technology.  We’re honoured to be able to partner with the Housing Society, which is no difference from an endorsement for AlipayHK.  This partnership marks the first electronic rental payment service supported by AlipayHK after we linked up all utility bills to our payment platform.  We hope to extend this tested and proven solution to an even wider range of public service, so that the general public in Hong Kong can experience the convenience brought about by digital payment.”  

HKHS Director (Property Management) Sanford Poon said, “The Housing Society keeps advancing with the times with innovation which is the cornerstone of our sustainable development.  For more than 70 years, the Housing Society has been adopting a people-centric approach to provide different housing projects and quality services.  This collaboration between the Housing Society and AlipayHK has made payment by e-wallet feasible for our residential and commercial tenants at anytime and anywhere, adding an additional hassle-free payment option amid their busy routine.  The Housing Society will continue to explore more payment options for our residential and commercial tenants, as well as owners of our managed properties, providing them more flexible and convenient services.”

Prior to using the payment service, the residential and commercial tenants of HKHS are required to download the AlipayHK app.  They have to click “Rental” (concerned property owners who have to pay management fee should click “Property management”) under “Bill Payment” in the app, then select the name of rental estate or property, and then enter the “Payment Ref. No.” and “Property Code” for registration and billing account link-up to enjoy hassle-free payment and monthly bill reminder service.  They could also enable “Auto Debit” in the app with automatic payments taking effect from next bill and view all payment records anytime in the e-wallet.

With the addition of AlipayHK e-wallet payment service, HKHS is currently offering a total of 10 payment options for its residential and commercial tenants, as well as owners of HKHS’s managed properties to settle rental and management fee payment.  For bill payment enquiries, please contact the relevant Estate Management Office or Property Management Office.