Be Wary of Fraudulent and Phishing Emails


AlipayHK has noticed fraudulent activities where individuals are impersonating AlipayHK and attempting to deceive users through emails*. These scammers may send out phishing messages/emails with links to suspicious websites or request personal information from the users. AlipayHK would like to remind users to exercise caution and refrain from clicking on any suspicious links or providing personal information to third parties. Also, please note that AlipayHK will never initiate contact with users via text message or email, requesting sensitive information such as login credentials or password resets from users. If users suspect their accounts have been misappropriated, users may freeze his/her account(s) immediately on AlipayHK’s official website ( and report to the police. AlipayHK will provide full cooperation and assistance to the police in any subsequent investigation.

AlipayHK has multiple authentication methods to strengthen protection to minimize any potential loss to our users. AlipayHK will also continuously enhance fraud detection and reinforce anti-fraud education for users.

*AlipayHK has in recent days discovered the following content of the fraudulent emails:

Phishing email:  Α|ⅰрауНΚ <contact@soldbymsi[.]com>, <contact@showoierstore[.]com>

Phishing website 1: https://r20.rs6[.]net/tn[.]jsp?f=001efsSvOHsuuR0_TBDycj4wAk-MBCEbOQwl45qaxFHIV-4_JekXaryv_YfTQT1Mb-G6qOhPCHljqSpriyOu10NfV-4CWDExmp3x6V0bJekiTiCItw87xNnHwCzEMPv5_ZE1RkOk1ZpzmF7thOkIM8l13YaWjQAhC3q&c=t7VstSvUOg7aL-5XQadWiRXFKYJcaFcpjsiZ-T-1s2jUqWlOuQ-m8g==&ch=hOEvYAwlBiboOZY2W69fBz3B8vy8omQk8CXQ-7sonWtNk7al1tRXgA==

Phishing website 2: https://soldbymsi[.]com/