AlipayHK Reminder to Users: Be Wary of Fraudulent and Phishing Text Messages and Websites


In recent years, telecom fraud has become more widespread with criminals using telephone, internet, and SMS messages to disseminate false information with malicious intent. In particular, there is a rising number of cases where fraudulent phishing SMS messages caused losses to consumers. AlipayHK has always prioritised the security of user accounts. Our smart risk management system provides 24/7 real-time risk protection. AlipayHK also has multiple authentication methods and instant account freezing function to ensure account security.

In response to these developments, AlipayHK is taking further measures to strengthen protection to mitigate the potential financial loss as much as possible. We have enhanced risk control management and intercepted suspicious transactions, reminding users of existing instant account freezing function as well as providing support and assistance to affected users.

At the same time, AlipayHK has notified the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Police Force of illicit websites and SMS messages*. We will take all other necessary actions to protect user interests. In addition, AlipayHK has issued security reminders on its app and official website, unmasking illicit websites, to help users raise awareness and avoid phishing SMS messages.

How to identify phishing text messages? AlipayHK reminds users that AlipayHK will never use  SMS messages or emails to request users to log in, verify AlipayHK accounts, or reset account passwords. Do not click on any links in SMS messages or other suspicious websites to avoid disclosing personal account information. As a reminder, AlipayHK’s official website is If users suspect their accounts have been misappropriated, users may freeze his/her account(s) immediately on AlipayHK official website and report to the police. AlipayHK will provide full co-operation and assistance to the police in any subsequent investigation.

AlipayHK will continuously improve and fortify fraud detection and prevention measures, and reinforce anti-fraud education to raise awareness amongst users.

*AlipayHK has in recent days discovered the following fake and fraudulent website domain names and fake entities in false text messages: “”, “”, “”, “”, and “”, etc. These examples are for reference only, actual  domain or entity names contained in the fraudulent messages or websites may vary.