AlipayHK x Sino VouchersLand at Olympian City


Full support for spending of large and small amounts to stimulate local retail and online businesses, facilitating circular consumption and boosting consumer value

(29 June 2021, Hong Kong) AlipayHK has always been committed to promoting mobile payment services and integrating e-wallets into daily lives. As one of the selected electronic stored value facility operators assisting in the disbursement of the electronic consumption vouchers, AlipayHK is determined to provide Hong Kong residents with the most convenient and smooth electronic consumer experience through its rich mobile payment experience and extensive network of eligible merchants. In view of the high traffic flow in the mall and the widespread use of AlipayHK, AlipayHK has teamed up with its strategic partner Sino Group to launch the AlipayHK x Sino VouchersLand, in its flagship mall Olympian City, which integrates interactive technology with fun creativity to introduce to the public AlipayHK’s all-round consumer experiences collaborating with various major consumer sectors, leading the new era of experiential consumption.

The AlipayHK x Sino VouchersLand, spanning an area of over 4,000 square feet in the atrium of Olympian City Phase II, opens to the public from today to 18 July. Under the theme “Endless Vouchers. Enjoyment Everywhere!”, the VouchersLand features six interactive zones covering diversified consumer experiences of lifestyle, catering, retail and other services. The six zones include “Smart retail Zone”, “Online Shopping Zone”, “F&B Zone”, “Selfie Zone”, “Live Streaming Zone” and “Registration Zone”, where visitors can experience AlipayHK’s full array of consumer services while participating in a wide variety of creative and dynamic interactive games to win fabulous extra rewards in addition to consumption vouchers. There are also dedicated staff onsite to help users make online registration for receiving the electronic consumption vouchers through AlipayHK. At the games in the VouchersLand, users may also win Olympian City HK$20 cash coupons and other special offers for consumption in the designated merchants on the same day, as a warm-up to enjoyable consumption throughout the city.

Unleash purchasing power to boost circular consumption by launching weighty joint offers

Under the impact of the pandemic, consumer sentiment of the public has dwindled drastically last year and the retail market has been sluggish, making the business environment extremely difficult. AlipayHK has now covered more than 100,000 retail outlets in Hong Kong. In response to the Government’s consumption voucher scheme, AlipayHK collaborates with numerous merchants to launch a total of nearly HK$1.7 billion rewards. Registration of the scheme will be opened from 4 July. Upon confirmation of successful registration to receive the consumption vouchers through AlipayHK, users can choose up to 5 favorite rewards from around 100 merchants with a chance to gain over total value of HK$5,000 coupon, which is equivalent to double rewards. As the pandemic eases, we hope to strengthen the public’s confidence in consumption and unleash their purchasing power that has long been suppressed so as to boost local circular consumption, maintain continuous flow of economic resources within the system, and facilitate the development of a circular economy.

Ms. Venetia Lee, General Manager of Alipay for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, said, “AlipayHK is honoured to play an important role in the electronic consumption voucher scheme, and we would like to give back to the public in different ways for their support. Today, the VouchersLand is strongly supported by our important partners like Sino Group, TamJai Yunnan Mixian, TamJai SamGor Mixian and Watson’s Water. We are ready to embrace the advent of the electronic consumption vouchers. Through a series of creative and interactive experiential processes, we hope to stimulate AlipayHK users’ consumer sentiment while deepening their loyalty to the merchants by strengthening the connection between them, creating the greatest consumer value for users to prepare for using the electronic consumption vouchers on their shopping journey. AlipayHK has now covered more than 100,000 retail outlets, supporting users’ consumption around the clock. With extra special rewards, we wish to stimulate the public’s consumer sentiment and facilitate local circular consumption by emulating the principle of leverage to maximize the ‘multiplier effect’ in order to provide greater impetus to economic recovery.”

Ms. Andrea Leung, Group General Manager – Marketing of Sino Group, said, “Sino Group is delighted to partner with AlipayHK to help customers make the best use of the Government Consumption Voucher Scheme. Bringing together our eight major shopping malls, four hotels and more than 100 merchants, Sino Group is launching a set of exclusive cash coupons – ‘Sino $10,000 Jetso Combo’ – distributing rewards valued at over HK$10,000 to thank the public for their support. Almost 600 merchants accept AlipayHK in Sino Group’s malls, where customers can use their consumption vouchers both to buy a wide selection of products and pay for dining and entertainment. The consumption vouchers can also be used for staycations in conjunction with exclusive discounts provided by Sino Hotels. At Olympian City, on top of providing a host of creative interactive experiences the ‘Consumption Voucher VouchersLand’ will hand out cash vouchers as a special introductory offer, which can be used at merchants who accept AlipayHK. Sino Group believes that the Government Consumption Voucher Scheme will drive customer flow, stimulate consumption, improve the business environment, and speed up the pace of economic recovery.”

VouchersLand features 6 interactive experience zones leading the new era of experiential consumption

The consumer behavior pattern of the public will change over time. The VouchersLand’s concept reflects the consumer values of the new era. Moreover, a large number of the most powerful partners are allied to showcase the smoothest and highest quality consumer experience as well as the most attractive offers and rewards users can enjoy when using the electronic consumption vouchers.

VouchersLand is divided into 6 interactive experience zones:

  1. Smart Retail Zone: Users answer a few questions through the shopping psychoanalyzer on the screen which is an artificial intelligence system that can deconstruct users’ shopping tendencies, recommend the right shopping list and help them make good use of the consumption vouchers in conjunction with AlipayHK’s smooth payment experience while enjoying the pleasure of shopping. Users may also win Olympian City HK$20 cash coupons and other special offers for consumption in the designated merchants on the same day.
  2. Online Shopping Zone: Users can ride a motorbike here to experience delivery rider’s pleasure of high-speed driving through the giant screen in front of them while grabbing consumption vouchers and all kinds of food and beverages falling from the sky along the way. Users can enjoy the pleasure of endless rewards from AlipayHK and earn game points while racing for the championship of delivery.
  3. Tam Jai + SamGor F&B Zone: AlipayHK has teamed up with TamJai Yunnan Mixian and TamJai SamGor Mixian for the first time. Users can challenge themselves by testing their level of understanding the waiters’ food orders in TamJai’s accent. Players who have accomplished the challenge will have a chance to win a complimentary e-voucher for TamJai SamGor’s preserved duck egg in green pepper sauce or TamJai Yunnan Mixian’s sliced pork belly with mashed garlic (small).
  4. Selfie Zone: All the necessary tools, lighting and beautiful backdrops for video-making are perfectly prepared for you to transform yourself into a KOL. To experience the taste of being a KOL, you can take a video to share your ideas on how to shop with AlipayHK using the electronic consumption vouchers, and then scan the QR code on the screen to download it for sharing on social media.
  5. Live Streaming Zone: The city’s highly popular KOL and artists, including Derek Cheung, Kar-Ying Law and many others will join AlipayHK to host webcast talkshows, introducing a great variety of products and sharing tips on smart use of the consumption vouchers, so as to help users plan how to wisely use the electronic consumption vouchers they will soon receive.
  6. Registration Zone: Dedicated staff are available here to help AlipayHK users make registration on mobile phone for receiving the Government’s electronic consumption vouchers.

As connecting technology with daily lives has always been AlipayHK’s goal, Rice Robotics’ robot named “Water Rice” is set on constant patrol around the VouchersLand as water-replenishing robot. Upon receiving a call from the staff in the VouchersLand, Water Rice will immediately deliver Watson’s no-frills distilled water to the Registration Zone. While the no-frills design represents an effort to contribute to environmental protection, AlipayHK also wishes to offer users to replenish their bodies with the bottled water as an implication that the promotion offer being launched can replenish users’ wallets with electronic consumption vouchers.

In relation to the epidemic situation, in order to ensure the safety of on-site visitors, the venue has been sprayed with AIShield intelligent sterilization coating, which combines physical sterilisation with photocatalysis – double sterilization efficiency. It can effectively kill the COVID-19. It has passed all safety tests and is effective for 12 Months. In addition to the coating, a patented natural formula BioEm air sanitizing and purifying liquid was also sprayed on site. It has passed long-term inhalation test, skin sensitivity test and eye irritation test, suitable for anyone.

AlipayHK offers exclusive rewards to thank users for continued support

AlipayHK is poised to offer a series of fabulous exclusive rewards, including the Great Friends Reward, to successfully registered users to thank them for their support. The first 10 successfully registered users who share the designated page of consumption voucher to friends and receive the most support from their friends will each receive an iPhone 12 Pro Max. During the consumption voucher usage period, extra HK$5,000 rewards will be offered to the first 10 users with the largest number of transactions in each month, and successful registrants making payment in each day can get extra e-stamps.

Register for consumption vouchers with AlipayHK to enjoy extraordinary rewards in 6 phases

AlipayHK will roll out six phases of extraordinary rewards on 4 July, 11 July, 18 July, 25 July, 1 August and 8 August respectively. During each phase of the designated promotion periods, the first two AlipayHK users who register online for the consumption vouchers using the Government’s official registration system and select AlipayHK as the entity to receive and use the consumption vouchers are entitled to win extraordinary rewards such as rare experience to interact with local celebrities and unique rewards for entertainment, dining and transportation. AlipayHK Extraordinary Rewards include Culinary Tours with Chef Ricky Cheung Reward, 365 Day 365 McDonald’s Big Mac® Meals Reward, Meet with Master 7 at Tam Jai Reward, HK$30,000 in total AlipayHK EasyGo Vouchers Reward, Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open Hospitality Box Admission Tickets Reward, and “We are Champs” Boxing Competition VIP Admission Tickets Reward.

Last call for subscription of consumption voucher updates to reserve HK$30 Early Bird Reward

From now on until 3 July, users can subscribe in advance the Government’s consumption voucher updates with AlipayHK to get HK$30 coupons upon confirmation of the official registration. Further to the commencement of the official registration for the consumption voucher scheme, AlipayHK will continue to roll out more amazing exclusive rewards for users. Stay tuned!    – End –