How to make payment?

  1. Tap “Pay”
  2. Enter payment password or verify biometric authentication to confirm payment
  3. Show cashier staff your payment code for scanning
  4. If you need to scan merchant code, tap Scan at homepage
  5. Place the merchant code in the camera frame, or tap “album” to select a QR code
  6. Upon scanning, enter payment password or verify biometric authentication. Payment completed

How to pay government bills?

Starting from 1 November 2019, bills regularly issued by Water Supplies Department, Inland Revenue Department, Rating and Valuation Department will be printed with a FPS QR code. Users can scan the QR code to pay the bills via AlipayHK.

Payment Instructions:

  1. Tap “Scan” in the lower left corner of homepage or select “Government Bills” at “Bill Payment” and tap “Scan QR code”
  2. Scan the QR code printed on the bill
  3. Confirm payment details and input payment password

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