Quick Payment on Taobao/ Tmall Hong Kong - AlipayHK

AlipayHK introduces the quickest and safest payment on Taobao/TMall Hong Kong. Simply register online and verify the account, you can enjoy the convenience of electronic wallet and instant payment on smart phone.

AlipayHK Quick Payment Now on Taobao/Tmall Hong Kong sites

If you love online shopping, then you must be familiar with Taobao Hong Kong and Tmall Hong Kong. Users of AlipayHK can now enjoy making Taobao payments with ease and convenience with the smart wallet and mobile payment app.

Get Started by Linking Your Accounts

Gaining access to the privileges and perks of using a smart wallet and mobile payment app is easy. To make the process easy, just make sure to have your bank documents near you and connect to a stable internet network. Here are some things to remember to keep beside you when setting up your AlipayHK accounts to make easy Taobao payment:

Bank card (or any document with your bank account number)

Valid ID (preferably one that was issued by the government)

Pen and paper to keep track of passwords (or a handy password vault app)

When you have these within reach, your next step is to make sure that your internet connection is stable. It is very important to go through the account linking process without any hitches.

Once you’re ready, all you have to do is follow the steps and fill up the digital forms. Within seconds, you will receive a verification notification and you’re good to go! You can now enjoy going online shopping on Tmall Hong Kong and Taobao Hong Kong websites.

Services You Can Enjoy in the AlipayHK Mobile Payment App

The smart wallet app offers a wide variety of financial services to its millions of users. It is only natural for some people to have questions about services that they either don’t fully understand, or they want to know more about based on their need to use the service. Luckily for AlipayHK’s users, the official website is filled with information regarding users’ most common concerns.

Find your way to the official AlipayHK website and head on to the Shoppers tab at the right side of the screen. There, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. You can find what you need regarding services such as:

Fund Transfer

Money Back

Top ups ad withdrawals

Bills payments

Making payments, and


You will also be glad to find all the necessary information regarding setting up your accounts to be linked to other sites and apps. This way, your online payments and transactions are all executed with ease and convenience.

Further Verification to Unlock More Features

If you want to make more regular transactions with the AlipayHK app, then you have to take further steps to prove your identity. This is where your Valid IDs will come in handy.

When you verify your identity, more services and features will be available for you to use. These include the fact that as a verified user, your balance limit is on a higher level. This is dependent on how credible you are and your credit score within the app will be rated accordingly.

Furthering Your Learning About AlipayHK is Easy

If after a good number of attempts to connect your accounts to Tmall Hong Kong or if you’re trying to make a Taobao payment and it has been unsuccessful, you don’t have to worry. The AlipayHK team is ready to help you with any and all of your concerns regarding their services.

It’s easy to get the support you need by reaching out to the company. You will find their details on the Contact Us page where you have the options to call them or send them an email regarding your concerns.